W.E.B. Du Bois believed that the "field and function" of black higher education should be to link scholarship to the concerns of the African-American community. Black studies, therefore, does not exist in a social or political vacuum. What is happening to black people within the U.S. and internationally must be central to the intellectual pursuits of African-American Studies.

The Institute for Research in African-American Studies established in 1994 its "Institute Membership Program," as an ongoing effort to connect scholarship with the surrounding urban black communities of Harlem and across New York City, as well as throughout the United States. Our Members are active participants in all levels of our sponsored programs, conferences, adn events.

Memberships in the Institute are set on an annual (January 1–December 31) calendar. A membership for one year costs only $63.00. Members receive one year's complimentary subscription to Souls (which regularly costs $63.00 annually), flyers announcing our regular events, like the "Conversations" lecture series and our conferences, as well as special invitations to receptions and book parties held at the Columbia University campus.Checks should be made payable to "Columbia University.” All major credit cards are accepted.

An interactive portable document file (pdf) of The Institute's Application for membership may be downloaded using Acrobat Reader.

Click to download the application now.

(If you have any problems downloading the application visit the Adobe Acrobat Reader Web site for further assistance.)

Once you have completed and printed the application mail or fax it to:

Institute for Research in African-American Studies
Columbia University
1200 Amsterdam Avenue
758 Schermerhorn Extension
Mail Code 5512
New York, NY 10027

The Institue's fax number is 212-854-7060.
Call 212-854-7080 with any questions.

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