PACC embraces a vision in which people strive together to build an equitable, diverse, engaged, and flourishing community in central Brooklyn. In our work as a community development corporation, PACC pursues five major goals:

first, to preserve and develop safe and affordable housing, a basic human right;

second, to support a vibrant local commerce through which small businesses serve the market needs of community residents;

third, to sustain and develop an economic, racial, and cultural diversity that can enrich the lives of all;

fourth, to promote knowledge, initiative, and concerted action that can advance individual and common interests; and

fifth, to foster an ethic that all members of the community bear personal responsibility to contribute to the greater good.

PACC Talk News

Each month PACC sends our PACCTalk newsletter via email & fax (only). If you would like to join our newsletter list, please email pacc@prattarea.org and indicate the email address and/or fax number you'd like us to use. Thanks!.


201 Dekalb Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11205
tel: 718.522.2613